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6 Handbag Trends We're Loving in 2022

We are now halfway through 2022 and the latest bag trends have emerged, here to instantly refresh your look and elevate your everyday style. The handbags trends of 2022 are all about new takes on classics that allow for wearability without sacrificing individuality. A new handbag is the easiest way to keep up with the latest trends without ditching your entire wardrobe. A textured bag can add a bit of edge to an outfit and a bright hue of a hand bag can revitalize any simple look. Ahead, we will go through the top 6 handbag trends of 2022. 

Geometric Silhouettes

Shapely bags with rigid structures are one of the go-tos for 2022 with crescent curves and modernist shapes that can instantly become your favorite way to accessorize. For those who aren’t about playing it safe, these bags are sure to hold all your essentials within their unique shapes while looking good from every angle. 

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Micro Bags

In 2022 we are seeing fashion embrace the itty bitty bags that are strictly for carrying your phone and maybe a lipstick. These grab and go bags allow you to pack the essentials and add a sense of ease to your look. While they may be small they add an undeniable charm to any outfit. 


Anaconda bags have been on the rise in 2022 with a unique texture that adds a spunky new element to any bag shape or size. This style does not have to be saved for special occasions or certain seasons; an anaconda bag can be worn every day all year round,  making it the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe. 

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Rainbow Hues

Brightly colored handbags have proved they are not going anywhere anytime soon with rainbow hues coloring the runways this entire season. Pick a color that boosts your mood and wear it with all of your go-to outfits. We mean it. Pair your bright and bold bag with jeans and a tee for an instant refresh and confidence boost. 

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Sustainability First

In 2022 sustainability is a key component when making purchases and it shows in the fashion industry. With handbags made out of recycled plastic and cactus leather you won’t have to sacrifice your look in order to be environmentally friendly. Bonus points if you shop from a company that values people and the planet. 

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Chunky Chains

Chunky chain hardware is the ultimate way to make a statement this year with chain details being a loved accessory all year long. Pair a handbag with heavy metal hardware with a casual summer outfit and carry it into fall for a staple that you can keep coming back to. 

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